What is Fidget Spinner, its Benefits and How its Work?

spin spinner

I would be suppressed if you are still unaware about the most popular toy of the year 2017 which is called fidget spinner. People all around the world purchasing this toy due to its benefits. It can increase memory, treat ADHD and increase focus etc, while other are purchasing this spinner to get popular by making a video about it or posting reviews on the different website. Whatever, this toy is one of the most viral things of 2017 till now and probably going to be until the end of 2017.

So what exactly this small toy called fidget spinner is? How it’s become popular? Is there any benefit of fidget spinner exist? How does fidget spinner work? And who is the inventor of this toy? These questions and many other questions related to fidget spinner will be answered in this article. So, if you want to know everything about spinner including its benefits and how does it work, then you should read this article until the end to get yourself familiar with fidget spinner.

What is fidget spinner?

A fidget spinner is a toy which has been invented in 1993 but become popular in 2017. This toy has been made with bearing in the center which allows the rest of the body to spin in a circular motion. Fidget spinner is being popular on the internet due to number o reasons. According to some people, they use it to get rid of tension and depression where other says that fidget spinner helped them to treat ADHD or autism. But in reality, there is no scientific proof behind these benefits of fidget spinner exists but still, it has been used for these purposes other than playing it as a toy.

Unlike other toys, this toy is more popular among adult as compared to the kids. The reason behind its popularity if social media where people in April 2017 start reviewing fidget spinner on social media platform including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The social media has given the boost to the sales of fidget spinner. According to Online Stores, fidget spinner has been their one of the most sold item in their toy’s category for weeks after it’s become viral on social media.

Origin of fidget spinner:

Catherine Hettinger
Catherine Hettinger

There is no logic behind the design of fidget spinner exist, that’s why it has been classified as a useless machine. According to some popular online blogs and newspaper websites, the design of fidget spinner has been made by Catherine Hettinger and she is the inventor of this useless machine. She also had the patent of fidget spinner for many years from 1993 to 2005 and lapse the patent because she failed to found any investor in the market. In her latest interview, she also agreed that she is not the inventor of fidget spinner.

The design of fidget spinner:

spinner design

Fidget spinner spins continuously for few minutes due to its interesting design and material which has been used in it. Although, due to its light weight and unique design, it’s required very little effort to spin it. Today, the fidget spinner is famous with its three-pronged but it is also available in two-pronged design. The design also includes bearing in the center which allows the person to spin this toy.

The official design of fidget spinner which got popular was made with plastic but now the fidget spinner is available in different materials including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and titanium. Some companies also made and introduce fidget spinner inexpensive materials including silver and gold for the marketing and promotion purpose online.


How does fidget spinner work?

How does fidget spinner work

There is no science behind playing with fidget spinner. Its design allows anyone to spin it easily with the help of one finger hold by two other fingers. Due to its popularity, there have been some different methods introduced by different people but there isn’t much difference in all of them.

  • The flick method: Grip the fidget spinner button with your index finger and thumb. Flick forward one of the prongs with the middle finger for a spin.
  • Reverse flick method: This method is same as above except instead of flicking forward, you will flick reverse with your middle finger.
  • Index finger flick method: This one is the main method of using a spinner. Instead of holding spinner in your thumb and index finger, you will hold it by the thumb and middle finger and spin with the help of middle finger.

There is no rule, how to spin the fidget. It’s totally up to you to decide which work more for you. You may not spin it smoothly in the first attempt but after 2-3 attempts, you will surely become an expert in fidget spinner.

What are the benefits of fidget spinner?

Originally who are selling fidget spinner claimed that this toy can benefits you in so many different ways by increasing memory, increasing focus, reducing stress and anxiety but there is no study exist which can prove these claims. According to the people who are playing with fidget, the spinner has reported many benefits in term of health and better grades in school. Some of the most popular benefits which have been reported by the people who own fidget spinner are:

1 – Expel the nervous energy:

What do you do when you are nervous? Probably you will start biting nails, moving your feet fast, tapping and pacing etc to expel the nervous energy. Just like that, fidget spinner can help you to expel the nervous energy by allowing you to focus on other things. It allows your hands to do constructive movement when you feel nervous.

2 – Decrease anxiety:

Fidget spinner can help you to decrease anxiety by moving your focus to something when you are worried about a matter which causes anxiety. Although, if you are in pain or want to get rid of tension then you have to focus on something which is totally irrelevant. Fidget spinner can help you in this condition by allowing your brain to focus on the spinner’s motion.

3 – Fidget spinner increase focus:

One of the reasons which make fidget spinner popular is its benefit which is related to focus and has been adopted by many therapists to treat kids with ADHD. According to research, the distraction while performing something important can improve the one’s focus. This claim can be actually proved easily. For example, when you are in the examination hall and try to remember something important, what will you do? You would start fidgeting.

4 – Increase memory:

To increase your memory, you need to perform brain exercise. This can be done with the help of physical movement, hence with the help of fidget spinner. The spinner increases brain activity by allowing you to focus on movement and fingers at a time which results in better cognitive performance.

5 – Restore control:

Some users who are using spinner claimed that this toy helped them to restore control. The main reason behind this benefit of using fidget spinner is decreased in anxiety, less nervousness, and an increase in memory which leads to the better control.

6 – Spinner can control anger:

One of the reasons which make this toy popular is its benefit which is linked with the anger. Many people start using fidget spinner to control anger and have control over them in a difficult situation. The users claim that spinner has helped them to keep calm when they are angry. According to science, this is possible. You can easily control anger by distraction yourself in something else. Fidget spinner can actually create great distraction without doing something big or moving out from the situation.

7 – Fidget spinner can also help kids with ADHD

Other than above fidget spinner has been proven toys which can benefit kids with autism. In the treatment of ADHD, the therapists use the fidget toys like putties, clays, tactile discs and koosh balls. Just like that, now they have suggested using fidget spinner as a treatment source for the kids with ADHD because its movement can help the kids to increase focus. This claim has been also backed by some reported published in 2015 (before the fidget spinner toy become popular in general public).

What makes a spinner good?

A good fidget spinner is one which can spin up to 2 minutes, made with good material and have a smooth surface. When you are purchasing spinner, make sure to check that it has rounded edge and gives you a balance and quiet spin. The spinner is also available in removable parts like bearing and caps. Spinners can be spin in hand and table due to the verity of its design.

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